PowerCore® - Volant Performance

Off-Road products are built to withstand the unique demands of unforgiving terrain and harsh environmental conditions. Filtration products are no different and are purpose built for specialized environments.  Filters are an often overlooked, but critical element the off-road driver and/or outdoor enthusiast should consider when modifying their vehicle.  A high-efficiency air filter ensures long term engine health by filtering out damaging dirt and debris prior to entering the engine.  For the off-roader and outdoor enthusiast, Volant is proud to offer Donaldson PowerCore® Filters which are uniquely designed to handle unforgiving conditions.

Donaldson PowerCore® filters have superior filtration properties compared to traditional cotton gauze filters. PowerCore® filters are designed to filter more and greater amounts of dirt and debris than common performance filtration options. Donaldson® perfected the PowerCore® filter in extreme environments around the world, leveraging their extensive knowledge of specialty filtration products designed for usage in heavy equipment and military applications.  Today, over 15 million PowerCore® air filters are utilized around the world and trusted by professionals to deliver in the harshest environment on the planet. 

PowerCore® Filtration Technology

PowerCore® filters are ideally suited for Off-Road driving conditions due to their unmatched filtration properties.  Powercore® filters are up to 10X more efficient and offer 3X more capacity than traditional style filters.  Volant backs Donaldson PowerCore® air filters with a 4 year or 100,000 mile warranty regardless of driving conditions*.

If your driving is more #WhereTheRoadEnds than where it begins, trust Volant air intakes with PowerCore® air filtration to take you there.